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Quarantine FAQ's

Q. Can I bring toys, treats or blankets into quarantine for my pet?

Yes, You can bring in toys, treats and blankets for your pets to have. These Items need to be new, with tags attached or still in original packaging for them to be accepted. Please be aware once items are in the quarantine facility, they must remain in quarantine until your pet is released. They are then returned to you.

Q. How do I get a quote and booking forms?

Please email us at

Q. Who applies for my import permit?

Owners or pet agents are in the best position to apply for an import permit from Animal Imports. Pethaven can offer advice and guidance on the process. We do not apply for Import Permits on owners behalf. Please contact us for the current import application form.

Q. I have more than one pet, can my dogs or cats be together in quarantine?

Yes, Dogs that travel together can be housed in one of our family or triple units for their quarantine. Cats can also share a unit. Please note we watch all pets closely and if there are any squabbles we will separate them without hesitation.


Q. Can I change my pets arrival date once the booking is confirmed?

Yes, We can often reschedule your pets arrival date and quarantine period. However this is subject to availability of units. Please contact us for availability.

Q. Do you collect my pet from the airport if they are landing out of business hours or on weekends or public holidays?

Yes, We collect pets from Auckland international Airport 24 hours 7 days a week. Midnight collections are part of our service.

Q. Can I or should I be at the airport when my pet arrives?

It is unnecessary for owners to meet their pets at the airport. It can cause delays and is not recommended. Our drivers are known to air cargo and often given priority.

Q. How will I know my pet has arrived at Pethaven?

If your pet lands within our office hours 9am-3pm Mon-Sat, we will email you and your shipper to advise of the safe arrival of your pets. For pets landing after hours, owners are texted by our driver once the pet has been delivered to Pethaven (a NZ mobile number must be provided). There are many factors out of our control (airport processing times, traffic etc) that can cause delays from the airport to the quarantine station. Our first priority is the pets care and comfort and we endeavour to advise owners as soon as we possibly can.

Q. What if my pets flight is delayed?

The airline and/or your pet shipper should advise us as soon as they know your pet has been delayed. We will reschedule their collection. Please be assured no pet is ever left waiting at the airport under any circumstances.


Q. Will my dog get a bath during the quarantine?

Yes, We bath all dogs once they have had their arrival inspection with the MPI vet. Your dog/s will also get a warm bath just before their release. We use organic shampoo which is not harmful to skin or coats.

Q. Does anyone play with my dog/s during their quarantine?

Yes absolutely. Our staff will use their discretion as to how long this play time is for and what type of play is suitable for your pet, taking into account any notes or information you have provided to us. We have lots of toys on hand for stimulation and active play. Some dogs just want to sit on your lap and cuddle for an hour.


Q. What are my pets fed in quarantine?

We feed dogs Royal Canin 4800 dry kibble adult food, we also have small dog kibble for our smaller guests.We feed cats Royal Canin Fit 32 dry kibble adult food. Plus a variety of wet food for both dogs and cats.

Q. Can I bring special food for my pet?

Yes. You can bring into us or have delivered special food for your pet. For grain free alternatives please visit and see if your pet's food is available in NZ. You can order from this website and have it delivered directly to Pethaven where we will feed to your pet only. If your pet is on a raw diet, this will need to be brought into us. Please note we do not feed raw chicken on site.

Q. What if my pet is on medication?

You will need to advise us of any medication your pet is taking when you book your pets into Pethaven. We have trained staff that can administer medication to pets. We will need clear instructions on medication requirements and notes on the condition your pet/s suffer from at the time off booking. Please note we believe diabetes and epilepsy are serious enough conditions that pets suffering from these, should not be travelling, we do not accept pets with these conditions into the facility.

Q. What if my pet falls ill during quarantine?

If your pet shows signs of illness or distress, (in the form of refusing to eat or drink, not toileting, excessive licking, urinating, any lesions or bleeding etc) we will contact you immediately. If we cannot contact an owner, we will use our discretion as to whether a vet is required and will not hesitate to call our vet in to consult with a sick pet.


Q. When does my pet have their inspections with the MPI vet?

Your pet will have an arrival inspection with an MPI vet within 72 hours of arrival. A discharge inspection with the MPI vet will take place within 72 hours of their release.


Q. What happens if my pets and/or their documents are found to be non-compliant?

When MPI issue a non-compliance for a pet, we contact the pet shipper and owner immediately to advise. MPI, pet shippers and Pethaven, will work together to solve any non-compliance issues, normally within the 10 days quarantine. Please note there are MPI fees associated with non-compliances that are not included in the Pethaven quote.


Q. Will I have to pay Customs GST on my pet's entry?

Most pets are allowed entry to NZ with no import tax (customs GST),if you have a NZ or Australian passport, or you have a current NZ working visa valid for a minimum of 12 months this will likely be avoided. If you are importing a breeding or show pet, you will be charged Customs GST on their entry.

Q. What if I'm waiting for my visa to arrive?

You can book your pet into quarantine while you are waiting for your visa to arrive. In order for Pethaven to secure your pets customs clearance without incurring the import tax, we will need a copy of your visa, at the very latest, 24 hours before your pet lands in NZ.


Q. When do I pay the deposit?

We require a $200 per pet deposit when you book your pet into Pethaven.

Q. How can I pay the deposit?

You can pay by completing our credit card authorisation form and we will process, or by bank transfer (our bank details are included in our information pack).

Q. When do I pay the final amount?

The final account is emailed to owners 2 days before their pets scheduled release date, once MPI have confirmed their final charges to us.

Q. Can I pay cash when I collect my pet?

Yes. We accept cash, eftpos, Visa or Mastercard. A 3% bank charge will apply to credit cards.


Q. Can my pet stay at Pethaven if I am unable to collect them after their 10 days quarantine?

Please contact us and we can recommend a boarding kennel and cattery.

Q. Can someone else collect my pet for me?

Yes. You can elect someone else to collect your pet from quarantine on your behalf. You will need to give us your written permission with full details of the person collecting your pet.

Q. Does Pethaven deliver my pet to me after quarantine?

Pethaven can do road deliveries in the Auckland and Hamilton area, or we can arrange a domestic flight for pets to anywhere in NZ. Please contact us for a quote to your area.

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