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Our staff are always available throughout the day to throw or fill a treat ball, play tug of war or just sit with your pet and give them a reassuring cuddle. 

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We understand this can be a distressing time for both pet and owner. If you have any questions about the MPI requirements or making a booking, please contact us and we’ll be happy to explain the process.

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Our Services

With more than 12 years’ experience of the New Zealand quarantine process and working closely with the MPI, our systems and procedures ensure your pet has a smooth transition from arrival in NZ to release from Pethaven. We offer:

  • Quarantine requirements for both dogs and cats.
  • Pre clearing New Zealand Customs and MPI entry requirements.
  • Airport collections, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Organising arrival and release inspections by an MPI Inspector.
  • On completion of quarantine we can arrange to have your pets transported to you by road or air within New Zealand.

Activities and Playtime

Our staff are available throughout the day to throw or fill a treat ball, play tug of war or just sit with your pet and give them a reassuring cuddle. Music is played in the kennels and cattery throughout the day.

To help owners keep up to date with their pets during their stay. We will be sending regular emails and photos, you are welcome to give us a call during our office hours for an update as well.


All of our guests are bath and blow dried once an MPI inspector has completed the arrivals inspection. Regular brushing and skin checks helps us determine any changes to your pet's health.

Also giving us important contact time for our team to bond and form a relationship with our guests.

Heating in all dog and cat units over winter

We have large mounted overhead heaters throughout the kennels, plus heat lamps over each dog's bed during the winter months. Our smaller or older quest who feel the cold at little more are provided with coats to keep any chill away and make them as comfortable as possible.

Our cattery is fully insulated and heaters are operating 24 hours over the cold winter months. Blankets and beds are provided to keep everyone happy.

Veterinary Care

Franklin Vet’s Veterinary Hospital located in Pukekohe is our 24 hour on call medical service provider and is Best Practice Accredited.

If any pet shows signs of illness or requires medical attention during their stay, they will be directed to Franklin Vets and receive the highest standard veterinary care.

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For a closer look at our beautiful, rural location, who we are and what we do, check out our Pethaven video that also features some very happy four-legged guests.